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Katie & Ginger Hi! My name is Katie, I am 11 years old and live in Nashville, TN. This is a story about my new Basset Hound puppy, Ginger Boudreaux.

She was born December 23, 1995 and I got her as a surprise when she was 8 weeks old. These pictures were taken when she was only 3 months old. Ginger might look like a sweetheart, but she is actually a little demon dog!!!!!!!!

Brandy and Me

Ginger is my second basset hound. The first one's name was Brandy. She was my best friend. I got her in first grade and she lived for four and a half years. She died about 1 week before Ginger was born . A couple of teenagers were speeding in front of our house and hit her . It was a tragic moment for my family and me. Every night I can feel her on my bed. Ginger will NEVER be off her leash!!!

The person who made Ginger a demon dog was me. I always rough-housed with Brandy, so I rough-house with Ginger. Once Ginger ate a little spool of thread and got sick. She eats almost everything in sight!!!! I collect Barbies and I got a new one with long hair and she tried to eat it, [the hair] Once I was waiting for the school bus and while she was waiting, she decided she was hungry and she tried to eat the door !

babyginger Also, when she doesn't get her way she will bite! Any time I'm eating something I always end up saying " Ouch Ginger that hurts!!!" Whenever she sees the tv remote she has to have it!

Let me tell you this, if you ever get a bassett hound, here are a few things you might want to know.
1. NEVER rough-house or else she might become a
demon dog!!!!!
2. Keep thread out of reach!
3. Shampoo carpets as often as necessary.

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