Rock Combos of  Nashville
By 1970 Combos were replaced by "Bands"
and music was to listen to, rather than to dance to.



1972 New Years Eve
Mothers Music Emporium
standing Daryl Waddy
seated L to R Tommy Watson,Tommy Johnson,
Philip Smith, Chico Fuller

played 1975 - 1991 in the Nashville area. Most often at the Crafty Commodore (Holiday Inn Vanderbilt) and Chuggers (Holiday Inn North) also the Cockpit on Harding Place.

pictured left to right - Dane Troutman, Bobby Vines, Mickey Hiter, Jimmy Ellis

Pat Patrick
Submitted by Mae Ambrose

A variety band that worked the nightclub circuits during the late 60's and early 70's including the Voo Doo Room and Captain Table in Nashville's Printers Alley. They also traveled the Southeastern US working military reservations during the Vietnam War. The Graduates had one record on Monument Records (7th Generation Breakthrough) produced by Jerry Tuttle.

The picture to the left to right:
Randy Allen, Drums
Gene Golden, Hammond B3 and Vocals
Charlie Schrader, Tenor Sax and Vocals
Jimmy Mullins, Guitar and Vocals

The picture is circa 1969

A R&B Group started in 1972 and worked Nashville Nightclubs until Feb. 1976 when the members began service in a band for Kenny Rogers.
Left to right:
Gene Golden, Hammond B3, Elec. Piano and Vocals
Bobby Daniels, Drums and Vocals
Steve Glassmeyer, Electric Piano and Vocals
The trio grew to seven pieces with Kenny.
The group recorded several hit albums with K.R.  over the years. Steve Glassmeyer co-wrote Kenny's hit "Love or Something Like it " and is still with Kenny after 27 years. Bobby Daniels co-wrote and produced the "Superbowl Shuffle" for the Chicago Bears and now works for Project Return in Nashville. Gene Golden won an Emmy for a TV Theme, co-wrote a Cleo winning commercial for the Special Olympics, still writes and does independent production

The Nobles picture is circa 1975 and are (Front Row L to R) Billy West - Percussion, Al Akin, Trumpet, Trombone and Vocals
Second Row L to R) James Dodson - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Bob Browning, Lead Guitar and Vocals, Terry Bennett -Bass and Vocals, John Weaver - Piano, Organ and Keyboards


Formed in 1971, they recorded on the Capitol, Warner Brothers and Monument Labels. Made of members from Area Code 615: The original members were: Charlie McCoy, Wayne Moss, Mac Gayden and Kenneth Buttrey. More than 25 members came and went out of the band during it's 11 years on the road. They played on the Blonde on the Blonde Album by Bob Dylan.

Barefoot Jerry

Pictured above:
Left to right:
Si Edwards, Drummer
Jim Colvard, Guitar Player
Wayne Moss, Guitar and Bass
Terry Dearmore, Bass and Vocals (in the wagon)
Russ Hicks, Steel Guitar Player (seated)
Warren Hartman, Keyboard & Sax (now produces Kenny Rogers)
Barefoot Jerry CDs are available in Nashville at Great Escape or on-line @
Barefoot Jerry Website



Psychedelic Drumhead
United Steel
Joe Haywood- Bass, Danny Arnold-Vocals, Doug Farley-Keys,
Bobby Miller-Drums, and Richard Brown-Lead Guitar

Submitted by
Bobby Miller 


L to R Vocals Tommy Watson, Drums Gary Boyd
Guitar Darrel Waddy, Guitar Ira Hailey & Bass Philip Smith


Flat Creek Band

Billy Anderson- vocals, B-3, piano
Tommy Crain- guitar, vocals
Billy "bill" Crain- guitar, slide guitar, flute
Mark Hunt - bass guitar and harmonica
Barney Evers- bass guitar, harmonica, flute
Larry Smith- drums
Jamie Nichols- percussion

Note: Tommy Crain and Gene Golden
have a new duet CD out which can be ordered

Glory in 1974

In 1972 the Band Glory came into the scene at McGavock High. They played at all the local dances and parties, playing
Chicago, soul and 70’s top forty.   They continued performing while at MTSU and played at many clubs and Frat parties in the south while being managed by Tony Moon Productions. They just played at the 30 year McGavock High Reunion in Nashville
Band Members:
Tommy Strange – guitar and vocals
Kevin Wright
– Lead vocals
Gary Shelton – Bass and Vocals
Rick King – keyboards and vocals (Pack Rat at the 30 yr. reunion)
Ernie Harris – drums (from MTSU)
Chris Brook – drums
Steve Abbott – sax and vocals
Paul Dunlap – sax (MTSU)
Roy Garner
– trumpet and vocals
Jay Patterson – trumpet
Danny Crockarell
– trumpet
Phil (Fat Bob) Eakes – Trombone

Submitted by Jay Patterson



Tony Moon
Most Valuable Players. Names were Robert Green, Keith Gregory, Larry Dickerson, Bobby "PackRat" Stamps, Walter King, Rick King, Roy Garner, Mike Padgett.

Material provided by Robert Kinsall of Nashville Club Bands in the 1970's
76 Gary,Wayne,Johnny, & Robert

Vaughn Page Supper Club in Madison 1973 Robert, and Buck Fell (Bobby Bristol not pictured)

The Vaughn Page Supper Club featuring the world famous Johnny Commode on his toilet seat telecaster guitar.
Prior to this Gig Johnny performed at Metros Finest Plantation Club on Murfreesboro Rd. for about 8 years.
I was using the house drums 70s Slingerlands.
Robert Kinsall of the City Limit Band

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