• Typestyles fall into two main categories - serif and san serif.

type1.gif (2270 bytes)type2.gif (2377 bytes)type3.gif (2424 bytes)

  • Lower case letters have ascenders and descenders. Capital letters do not.


San Serif Faces

sserif.gif (718 bytes)

sserif1.gif (655 bytes)

sserif2.gif (1099 bytes)

sserif3.gif (637 bytes)

Serif Faces

serif1.gif (771 bytes)

serif2.gif (560 bytes)

serif3.gif (519 bytes)

serif4.gif (1092 bytes)

Script Faces

script1.gif (637 bytes)

script2.gif (859 bytes)

  • Script Faces are more often serif than san serif in style, but can be either.
  • Any of the above faces can also be made bold or italic.

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