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Places For A Date In Nashville

Nashville has been getting a lot of attention lately, but it’s really a wonderful place to meet all kinds of people in bars, have fantastic barbecues and enjoy famous songwriters in free bars. Nashville and Downtown Nashville (the district with the nickname) are the lifeblood of the city (read more about what you can do in Downtown Nashville). 

If you want to choose a pleasant place for a fun activity, Nashville will not disappoint you, so keep reading and let us know how! Discover the 14 best things couples can do in Nashville, TN, and share your suggestions for your next Nashville date night.

Trivia Games

If you want to try something sporty or artistic, or if you want to work on your trivia skills with your loved ones, check out our list of the most popular trivia games and trivia events in Nashville. Get ready to sweep your sweetheart off her feet, and we’ll give you some suggestions for some of our favorite date night spots in the Nashville area.

Boat tours

If you’re planning to surprise your special person, use this list to help you organize the perfect date night in Nashville. If you’re in town with your partner or maybe a new love, try some of the ultra-romantic things you can do in Nashville and the surrounding area! Boat tours are the best thing couples can do in Tennessee, and they are a romantic way to see the sights around you. According to the popular dating app Asian Dating, this is one of the best things you can do to impress your date.

Nashville West

Climb Nashville West is a fun day – a time activity that you could try on a date and that is guaranteed to fill up. Take a coffee and chocolate at Temed Cafe, book a trip to eat at one of the many restaurants and bars in downtown Nashville, or book an overnight stay at a Nashville hotel.

Nearby Cities

If you still have a car to visit Nashville and want to see the real Nashville, why not skip the downtown stay? Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis, TN are the three largest cities in the Tennessee Valley region of the United States, located every three hours or less from Nashville. For a short getaway, you can travel to one of these cities, attend a party on Beale Street in Memphis, or catch a tour bus to see other places where local celebrities hang out, such as the Music Hall of Fame.

Downtown Nashville

If Germantown is a place you want to explore, we recommend staying in downtown Nashville, but we know it’s worth seeing a show. The Nashville Music Hall of Fame, Nashville Opera House and Tennessee State Capitol are all located outside of downtown Memphis, so for those of you who want to see the show, it’s worth heading to Nashville’s Music City Center to get a look at the city.

Best Downtown Restaurants

After all, Nashville has a few restaurants that are not necessarily known for their romantic atmosphere, but are cult-like for their amazing food and atmosphere. Some of our favorite restaurants in the area are Bluebird Cafe, Blueberry Hill Cafe and Blue Ridge Cafe. There are many great restaurants we like to visit in downtown Nashville, such as Bistro D’Oro, Biltmore Hotel & Spa and Denny’s, among many others. 

Explore The Music Scene

Activities in Nashville as a couple include listening to music, sipping drinks in a beautiful hotel lobby and exploring Tennessee’s history. Some of our favorites are the Bluebird Cafe, Blueberry Hill Cafe and Blue Ridge Cafe in downtown Nashville, and the Biltmore Hotel & Spa. There is still much to do, but these are just a few suggestions to add to your Nashville “do’s and don’ts” list. These include the boisterous music scene of Nashville, exploration of Tennessee’s history, the inspiring history of civil rights, and much more. 

Final Thoughts

For more information on the area’s best attractions, check out our free Nashville travel guide to discover delicious food and hidden gems in unique Nashville neighborhoods. Nashville is a selfie city, and there’s really no place in the pretty Music City that you