Tom Tichenor was a Nashville native who became known for his puppet work at the downtown library and on TV. In the late 50’s he went to New York and did the puppets for the Broadway hit musical CARNIVAL and directed a children’s TV station, producing early kiddie shows like BIRTHDAY HOUSE with Paul Tripp. He also did a Puppet production of THE BREMENTOWN MUSICIANS there.
Tom Tichenor

Tom Tichenor Puppet Theatre
Tom Tichenor Theatre – Marionette Stage

In the late 60’s he returned to Nashville and did an adaptation of THE GOLDEN GOOSE at Children’s theatre. He then stayed in town and was at the Library. The weekly puppet and marionette shows became a fixture in Nashville. Some shows combining the puppets with live performers were also done, notably a children’s musical called “Sir Patches And The Dragon” that later was adapted for a popular children’s book. The Story Hours in the Story room were a big thing too. A live story teller as the Rainbow Fairy or the Lollipop Princess told stories while the most popular puppet characters (Felica Fieldmouse, Marco Polo Bear, etc.) acted them out. Tichenor also did a number of popular children’s television specials, “The Toymaker And The Mice” and “Christmas At Creepy Castle” were on PBS.

The Witch and Rapunzel

The Story Hour room at the Nashville Public Library.Shown here are the storyteller with Marco Polo Bear in the Puppet Playhouse.